Send Payments from QuickBooks Online to Viewpost

Sending payments from QuickBooks Online to Viewpost is a two step process.
Watch this video and read tips below to send payments.

Sending Payments from QuickBooks Online to Viewpost from ME on Vimeo.

1. Create payments in QuickBooks Online

Bill payments and checks in QuickBooks Online must meet these requirements:

A. Payee must be a Vendor in QuickBooks Online
B. Payment must be dated within the prior 7 days
C. Payment must be marked to 'Print later'
D. Associated bill for a bill payment must have a reference number


Once they are connected to your company, subsequent payments will go electronically. 

2. Confirm payments in Viewpost

A. Log in to your account
B. Navigate to Payment Sync page
C. Select payments to send
D. Click on 'Send Payments'

That's it! Payments are processed. 

Auto-Send Future Payments! 

A. Turn on Auto-Send:

  • When confirming payments
  • Sync Settings Page 

B. All future payments to the vendor will be sent directly from QuickBooks Online without having to confirm in Viewpost. 

* NOTE: All payments will be sent from the 'Default Payment Methods' page, not the Bank Account chosen in QuickBooks Online.


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