What happens when I first connect my QuickBooks Online file with Viewpost?

When the button is clicked to connect a QuickBooks Online file with Viewpost, an onboarding process will begin.  

A list of connected vendors from the Viewpost Network page will be displayed.  A vendor in the QuickBooks Online account must be matched to each connected vendor on Viewpost.  Type the name of the vendor as it appears in QuickBooks Online until Viewpost locates a match.  Verify that this is the correct vendor and select it.  If there is a vendor on Viewpost that does not exist in QuickBooks Online yet, select to add the vendor to QuickBooks Online.

Once all connected vendors have been associated with QuickBooks Online and "Link Companies" is selected, the company is now enabled to sync transactions.  The following changes will be applied to the Viewpost account.  These changes are made due to the fact that the source of truth for all transactions is now the QuickBooks Online file.

  1. All payments will now be sent from the Viewpost Default Payment Account.  See Help Article Which Bank Account Will the Checks Be Sent From
  2. Unconnected vendors will no longer be on the Network page.  Vendors will be created again when payments are sent from QuickBooks Online through Viewpost.
  3. Any open bills previously listed on Viewpost will be closed.  They can be located by clicking on the Bills List page and changing the filter from "All Open Bills" to "Closed".
  4. Bills cannot be manually added on Viewpost.  Bills should be paid from QuickBooks Online.
  5. Bills received from vendors through Viewpost will be auto-synced to QuickBooks Online.  See Help Article What is Auto-Sync?
  6. All Customers (both connected and not connected) will remain on the Network page.  
  7. Customers or vendors cannot be manually added on the Network page.  Vendors will be added as eligible payments are created in QuickBooks Online.  Customers can currently only be added from a connection request or invitation received from a customer.  
  8. All payments must be originated in QuickBooks Online to send through Viewpost.  Payments can be Bill Payments or Checks.
  9. Early payment request cannot be accepted from a vendor.
  10. Receivable invoices cannot be added on Viewpost.
  11. Auto-Pay feature on Viewpost is disabled.

See Help Article Send Payments from QuickBooks Online to Viewpost to create and send payments.





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