QuickBooks Online - Where do I find payment sync results? - Sync History

When a payment transaction syncs, a record is created on the Viewpost Sync History page. 

To locate Sync History, on Viewpost click Sync in the header then click the Sync History tab.

The last sync completed is listed on the Payments row. To see prior sync activities, click Show History on the payment row to expand the section.  The section provides a list of all payment sync activities for the past 7 days, including Auto-Sent payments.  For each sync, the following information is displayed:

  • The local date and time of the sync 
  • Status - Summarize sync results
  • CSV file - Details of sync results


The status column is where you will find summary level results. The status are: 

  • Synced - all payments in sync were successfully uploaded and sent to vendors. Below the main status is the number of payments and total dollar amount uploaded successfully.  The payments are listed on the payments sent list.
  • Synced with Issues - some or all payments in sync were not successfully uploaded or sent to vendors. Below the main status and after the successfully payment summary results, is the number of payments and total dollar amount not uploaded. An email will be sent for any payment that do not upload.


The CSV file provides details on each transaction in the sync. Click the text Download CSV to download the file.  In the file you will have the following for each transaction

  • Record Type - Payment Command
  • ID - This is the Vendor ID associated with the payee on the payment.
  • Monetary Value - Total dollar amount of the payment
  • Import Result - Import or Fail 
  • Message - If Import value is Fail the reason for the failure is listed here.

Click Hide History on Payment row to close the section.



Look for more Sync History sections coming soon!


Successful payments can also be found in the Payment Sent list. To locate the list, on Viewpost click Payments in the header, and arrive on Sent Payment list.  












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