QuickBooks Online - Where to locate Payments to Confirm - Payment Sync Tab

Payments waiting for confirmation are listed on the Payment to Confirm page on Viewpost.

To locate the Payment to Confirm page, click Sync in the header menu. You land on the Payments to Confirm page under the Payment Sync tab.


The page loads with a list of all payments and the following information is available for each payment.

  • Date - The payment date from QuickBooks Online
  • Pay To - Name and Address on payment
  • Auto - Send Toggle - Default is Off but can be toggled On from this page
  • Bank Account - The bank account that payment will be sent from Which Bank Account Will the Payment Be Sent From?
  • Payment Type - Paper Check or Electronic payment 
  • Amount - Total amount of payment

All payments are selected to send through Viewpost by default.  Clicking the check mark next to the payment will remove it from the current Send Process only.  The payment will remain on the list after the payments and will continue to populate on the list until the payment is successfully synced, date no longer meets requirements to sync or sync setting is changed for the vendor.

If the payment you are looking for is not listed, checking the following can assist you in finding the payment transaction.

1. Click Refresh on the Payments to Confirm page.

2. Check Sync Settings for the Vendor. Click Sync in header then Sync Settings tab.

3.  Does the payment meet the requirements to be synced? 

  • Payee must be a Vendor in QuickBooks Online
  • Payment must be dated within the prior 7 days
  • Payment must be marked to 'Print later'

If not, edit the transaction in QuickBooks Online to meet the above requirements and then click refresh on Payments to Confirm page in Viewpost.

4. Do multiple user have sync permission? If yes, check if the payment has already been processed. Sync History

5. Do you have the correct permission to sync payments? If you received the following error message, 'You do not have the appropriate permissions in Viewpost to initiate sync. Please contact your company’s Viewpost Administrator for assistance.', you do not have the appropriate permission to view payments on Payment to Confirm page.  Contact your system administrator for further assistance.

If your payment is not listed after checking the above please contact Customer Support.



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