QuickBooks Online - Initial Sync / Set up Sync - QuickBooks Online to Viewpost

 Before you start we recommend you read the the following article first.

How to Connect QuickBooks Online to Viewpost to access Sync Features

1. Login to your Viewpost.com Account and click Sync in the header.  



2.  Click the QuickBooks Online box to select your accounting package 



3. Read the page and click Sync Payment & Bills when you are ready to initiate sync set up.


 4. Click Connect to QuickBooks Online 



5. You will be taken to the Intuit QuickBooks window.  Sign in to account if needed. 


6. Click on the name of your current company file.  If you only have one company file you will skip this step.


7. Authorize the sharing of your data between Viewpost and Intuit by clicking blue Authorize button.


8. Wait a brief moment while Viewpost and QuickBooks Online communicate.  Once complete, the window will close and the screen will change to the Matching Connected Companies Screen on Viewpost.

Congratulations you have successfully connected your QuickBooks Online Company to Viewpost!  You are almost ready to start syncing payment and bills with Viewpost.  See article Match Connected Companies During QuickBooks Online Sync Initialization to complete the Match Connection Companies screen and start syncing payments and bills.  

If you choose the wrong company file or would like to disconnect your QuickBooks Online from Viewpost at this point, you can click the Cancel button on the matching screen to disconnect your QuickBooks Online file from Viewpost. 

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