QuickBooks Online - Current QuickBook Online Sync features

Want to use VP just for payments?  This is for you.  If you are doing more, this isn’t for you at this time. Check back in the future for additional features.

Below is a list of the current features and limitations to help you decide if QuickBooks Online Sync will fit your company's needs,.

Initial features available with QuickBooks Online sync include:

  • Sync payments from QuickBooks Online to pay through Viewpost.
  • Auto Send feature that allows you to streamline your payment process for one or all vendors
  • Sync Bills received from connected vendors on Viewpost.com to QuickBooks Online
  • Vendors sync from QuickBooks Online to Viewpost with every payment sent, ensuring your Network is updated with any changes in QuickBooks Online.
  • Connect with Vendors on Viewpost to send electronic payments

Features that are unavailable for QuickBooks Online sync users at this time:

  • Syncing invoices and customer payment receipts 
  • Batch syncing of vendors and customers

Viewpost Web Features that are not available to QuickBook Online Sync Accounts

  • Invoice and bills creation on Viewpost.com
  • Sending payments on Viewpost.com using the "Payments" tab.  All payments must be originated in QuickBooks Online and confirmed on the "Sync" tab or auto-sent.
  • The Auto Pay features on Viewpost will not be enabled and any prior auto payment setting will be removed.  
  • Auto - accept and pay for discounts will not be available.
  • Vendors and customers cannot be manually added to user's Network page.  They must be synced from QuickBooks Online.




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