QuickBooks Online - Changing Company Accounting Files that Sync with a Viewpost account

We store the QuickBooks Online Company File that is initially associated with a Viewpost account.  If you attempt to associate a different QuickBooks Online Company File with a Viewpost account when authorizing the connection between Viewpost and QuickBooks Online , you will not be allowed to proceed.

We do not recommend intermingling transactions from multiple QuickBooks Online company files with a single Viewpost account.  There are many risks associated with this practice.  However, we do realize there are circumstances that may occur which necessitate the need to change company files.  You will assume the risk of data corruption if you do choose to change the QuickBooks Online file associated with your Viewpost account.

Partial List of Errors that might occur:

  1. Customers or Vendors on Viewpost might be created in the new accounting file
  2. Transactions might be duplicated in Viewpost or your accounting file
  3. The incorrect bank account may be used by Viewpost to send payments

Steps to follow to change QuickBooks Online accounting file associated with a Viewpost account:

  1. Close any open bills on the Viewpost Bills page that are not associated with the new QuickBooks Online accounting file company.
  2. Delete all Connected Vendors (or Customers) on the Viewpost Network page that are not associated with the new QuickBooks Online accounting file company.
  3. Determine if the Default Payment method on Viewpost is the correct account to send payments from the new company file.
    • If the existing Viewpost payment method should not be used with the new file it should be deleted.
    • Register a new payment method that should be associated with the new company
  4. After completing the above, go to the Sync Settings page on Viewpost.  Click on "Permanently Disable Sync".  This will remove the old company file from the Viewpost account.
  5. Click on the Sync page and restart sync initialization by clicking on the appropriate accounting package. 
    • Select the new accounting file
    • Unconnected Vendors in your Viewpost account will be deleted from Viewpost (but the transactions will still be visible.)
    • Connected Vendors on your Network page will need to be associated with the vendors in the new company file.




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