What do you want to do on Viewpost?

There are some things every Viewpost customer needs to do for an optimal experience, and other things that may not be relevant. 

Tips for Everyone:

  • If you received a virtual credit card payment, you do not need to register, just process the payment
  • When you register for Viewpost use your company name, or if you are an individual your first and last name. 

  • Register your bank account to send or receive payments

  • Go to Network to connect to the company/person you want to transact with

Quick Tip Guidance: 

Send Payment  Receive Payment via Credit Card or Consumer  Send Invoice
Payor Register Payee Registers Payee Registers. Creates and sends invoice
Invite Payee via Network to register Enable Consumer Payments or Credit Cards Payor clicks on invoice to register
Payee Registers bank account and connects Invoice Payor Payor Registers bank account, and connects
Send payment  Payor pays invoice without registering for Viewpost  

To Send a payment electronically:

  • Invite the company/contractor you wish to pay (via Network Tab)

  • They will be guided to set up their account (which will include verifying banking information)

  • Verify they are set to receive electronic payment by going to Network Tab

  • Then, send the payment (payment delivery timelines are dependent on the receiving bank)

  • Going forward all payments will be sent electronically at the same delivery time frame as the first

*Viewpost is not a platform for direct deposits, wires, payroll, debits, or transferring funds between your bank accounts. Funds do not arrive instantaneously, and do not have guaranteed delivery timelines. The ability to enter someone's routing and account number and send them an ACH is not available. Each party registers their own banking information to transact. 

**Sending credit card payments requires the company you are paying to have enabled that feature. Click here to learn more. 

Paper Checks are issued to companies that are:

  • Not registered for Viewpost

  • Not bank account verified

  • Not connected to the paying company

*Checks will be sent to the address you entered on Viewpost.

**Paper checks are delivered via the United States Postal Service and usually arrive within 5-7 days.

To Receive a payment electronically:

  • Being 'connected' to the company trying to pay you

  • Registering your bank account before they pay you

  • Payment timelines are determined by your bank, some banks are faster than others.

    • IE If you have a Bank of America account and a Credit Union, you will get paid faster and have an optimal experience if you register the Bank of America account.

      • Click here for a list of banks that offer ICL optimized service. 

  • Yes you need a Tax ID (SSN) to register your bank account.

  • Yes, you need to add your signature. Your security is our top priority. You never have to send payments if you don't want to, but signature is part of the registration process

After I am set up, then what? 

  1. Once your bank account is set up and you are connected to the company paying you it is up to them to send the payment, as it would be in any other scenario. 

  2. You will get an email when payment has been sent. The email gives a estimated time of delivery for the payment. (Ex. Five business days) 

  3. If you received the email, then the payment is in process. Once your bank has received the funds pending deposits etc. are at their discretion. 

What if I want to receive credit card payments? 

Receiving credit card payments requires two things:

  1. Connecting your Viewpost account to a Stripe account, or enrolling in Stripe via the Payment Methods tab.

  2. Locating that Customer in your Viewpost Network Tab, selecting Edit to 'Accept Credit Card Payment from this customer'. Click here to learn more. 

To Send invoices

Create one invoice, so you can see all of the fields required, the layout, and features available.

Each invoice counts as a Viewpost invitation to join and pay.

Click here to see what your customer will see.  

Once you have added a customer in your address book, their information is stored for the next time.

If you bill for the same services, or same dollar amount to all your customers, you may duplicate the invoice and change the fields to match the various clients. 

If someone receives your invoice and opts to pay you outside of Viewpost, you may close the invoice by 'Recording Payment'. Click here to learn more. 

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