NetSuite Authorization Key

In order to sync between NetSuite and Viewpost, you will need a NetSuite Authorization Key.  You can generate this key in Viewpost in Sync Settings after you are designated as a NetSuite user by Viewpost. (To be designated as a NetSuite user, contact Viewpost Customer Support at 888.248.9190.)

A user with Admin permissions needs to log in to your company's Viewpost account and click on Sync at the top of the screen and then select Sync Settings.

Click on the button that says "Generate New Key" and a key should appear in the box to the left, together with an expiration date.  

Highlight the key and click on Ctrl C.  

Go to Customization -> Lists, Records, & Fields -> Record Types in NetSuite.  The Record types are listed alphabetically.  Search for Viewpost API Key which should be near the end of the list. 

Click on Viewpost API Key which will redirect you to the Custom Record Type page.  Click on More on the far right of the page and then View Records.


You will be redirected to the Viewpost API Key List page.  Click on Edit for the 1st record.


Place your curser in the Viewpost API Key field and click Ctrl V (or right click and paste).  The API key should be pasted into the field.(If there is an existing key in the field, delete it first.)  Viewpost_API_Key_Page_-_NetSuite.jpg

Click Save.




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