Why Can't I Add My Bank Account?

When trying to register a bank account on Viewpost, you run in to a road block. 

Below are the most common reasons a bank account is not connected/verified on Viewpost. 

1) You submitted the account number and routing number manually and are waiting for the micro- deposits.

  • Check your online bank account for two small deposits from Viewpost.
  • Log in to Viewpost and choose Payment Methods
  • Choose 'Verify' and enter the two small amounts you received

2) You are trying to add a bank account by selecting your bank logo and you don't see the account you want to add as an option

  • Is it a savings account?
  • A money market account? 
  • New account? 
  • Have you set up online access?
  • Did you receive a message that the account cannot be connected to Viewpost, try a different account? 

Viewpost supports established checking accounts, that have enabled online access. A bank account can only be connected to one Viewpost account. (IE Multiple Viewpost accounts require unique bank account registrations) 

Recommended Solutions:

  • Check with your bank to see the status of your account
  • If still unable to attached your checking account via the automatic process, you may select to add your account manually


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