Why Can't I Add My Bank Account?

When trying to register a bank account on Viewpost, you run in to a road block. 

Below are the most common reasons a bank account is not connected/verified on Viewpost. 

1) You submitted the account number and routing number manually and are waiting for the micro- deposits.

  • Check your online bank account for two small deposits from Viewpost.
  • Log in to Viewpost and choose Payment Methods
  • Choose 'Verify' and enter the two small amounts you received

2) You are trying to add a bank account by selecting your bank logo and you don't see the account you want to add as an option, or you enter it manually and it says your routing number is invalid. Below are bank accounts Viewpost does not support: 

  • International accounts
  • Savings accounts
  • Prepaid cards
  • Money market accounts
  • Trust Accounts
  • Some newly established accounts
  • Accounts that are already registered on Viewpost


Recommended Solutions:

  • Check with your bank to see the status of your account
  • If still unable to attached your checking account via the automatic process, you may select to add your account manually
  • If your routing number is not recognized, perhaps it is one of the accounts listed above that Viewpost does not support (savings, prepaid card) and you will need to add a different account on Viewpost. 


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