Payment Upload FAQ


How will I know that I’ve paid the right vendor?

  • Viewpost only makes payments to the vendors you instruct us to pay. You have full control over who is being paid in the payment command file.

How will I know when my payment goes through?

  • You will receive an immediate acknowledgement from Viewpost once we’ve successfully processed your payments. Unfortunately we do not have visibility into when the post or vendor bank receives the funds.

How do I determine if it was sent electronically or via paper?

  • Visit the Payments page on Viewpost where you can review all payments sent and the method (electronic or paper).

How does Viewpost generate the check number for payments?

  • You can define the check number for your payments using the Check Number field in the payment command file.
  • Alternately, when you set up your bank account on Viewpost you can choose a starting check number. Or Viewpost will provide a default starting number for you (100000). When making payments without a check number provided, Viewpost will use the next available check number in the series.

What currencies does Viewpost support?

  • USD only.

Do I have to upload a vendor record before making a payment?

  • No. Any vendor records not present will be created using Vendor Company Name and Vendor ID.

If one payment in my file fails, will they all fail?

  • No. Viewpost will process all successful records and only fail to import records that do not comply with the payment command specification. Detailed results of each record can be found in the acknowledgement file. 

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