Vendor Upload FAQ


When I upload the vendor file, what happens?

  • Viewpost will populate your address book on the Network page. No communication will be sent to any vendors unless you choose to populate the Send Invite field of the vendor file.

How do I invite vendors?

  • There are several ways to invite vendors.
    1. Using the “send invite” field in the vendor file set at true.
    2. Logging into and selecting “invite” from the network page.
    3. Sending a payment to a vendor with an email present in the payment file.

How do I know if my vendors are connected to me?

  • Logging into Viewpost and checking your Network tab, you will see the connection status of all vendors.

What is the vendor ID?

  • The vendor ID is a unique identifier for each vendor in your address book. This differentiates one vendor from another on Viewpost. This can be a string of alphanumeric characters.

What if I need to change some vendor information?

  • Whenever you need to update a vendor record, simply upload a new file with the changes. Make sure to use a consistent vendor ID to ensure you are changing an existing record.

What if the vendor changes their address on Viewpost?

  • Viewpost will always use the data provided by you to represent your vendors.

How do I add more vendors to my address book?

  • Simply upload more vendors using the vendor file. You can upload all records or just the changes. Viewpost

What if I send payments to multiple addresses for the same vendor?

  • It’s best to separate this vendor into multiple address book entries to ensure these distinct physical addresses are maintained.

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