Step 2: Prepare Your File

Only one file is required to automate checks, digital payments, and credit card payments through Viewpost:

Payment Command File - Instructs Viewpost to send payment to a specified vendor. Payments are delivered in one of three ways:

    • Paper Check - Vendors who are not enrolled in epayables, have not added a bank account or are not registered for Viewpost.  
    • Credit Card - Vendors with a valid email address, who are enrolled in epayables, and can process the payment as a credit card transaction.
    • Digital Payment - Vendors who are not enrolled in epayables, are connected to your company, and have added a bank account on Viewpost.

A payment specifications file has been included as an attachment at the bottom of this page.

Assess Your Payment Process

When developing your payment process to generate your payment command files be sure to account for the following scenarios which are not currently supported on the Viewpost platform, these will need to be handled outside of Viewpost.


  • Non-USD Currency
  • Non-US Remit To Address
  • Checks that Require Enclosures
  • Overnight Checks

Download Payment Command Example:

Payment Command File


Step 3:     Determine your preferred upload method.

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