Viewpost has been a Business to Business Network, until now. 

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Consumer Payments is for: 

  • Property Managers, Schools, Lawn Care Businesses etc. needing to invoice individuals and receive payments.

Do Consumers need a Viewpost account? 

  • No. This functionality was designed to streamline the payment process. The individual will receive the invoice, select they are a Consumer and connect their bank account for payment (or credit card if that feature is enabled). 

What are the Fees? 

  • Fees for sending and receiving Consumer Payments are different than transacting with businesses. For an explicit list of fees, navigate to your fees page. 


Consumers will receive an invoice where they will select they are a person paying an invoice. 

The option will appear to pay the invoice right then by selecting a bank account.

There will be an option to 'create a password' to make paying easy next time without having to create a Viewpost account. 



It is that easy. 

How does a Business set up to receive Consumer Payments? Contact Viewpost Support here.

A Business enabled to receive Consumer Payments will go through the short steps listed below. 

1) Introduction

2. How it Works

3. A Pricing Calculator to estimated savings

You are all set! 

To view Fees associated with Consumer Payments, select the Fees Tab. 

Consumer Payment Fees Listed Below:

Marginal Fee Example — If you received $30,000 in electronic payments from consumer customers within one month, the associated fees will total $300 and are calculated like this: ($5,000 x 2%) + ($15,000 x 1%) + ($10,000 x 0.5%) = $300.

Click here for fees. 

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