Step 3: Determine Your Preferred Upload Method

You may choose to upload your files manually through the web on or automate the transmission of payments directly from your accounting package. 

Secure Web Upload

Once you have created your files and completed Viewpost registration, simply log-in to Viewpost, navigate to Sync in your company name dropdown, click Choose File, and select the file that you would like to send to Viewpost. Your file will then be processed by Viewpost.



Automate Payments through Secure FTP

If you would like to automate your file directly from your accounting system, or upload a file manually using an FTP client, Viewpost supports SFTP (Secure Shell FTP) to securely transfer your payment command file.

SFTP Connection Details:

  • Endpoint:
  • Port: 22
  • Username: Provided to you by Viewpost
  • SSHKey: Private and Public Key Pairing
  • IP Addresses: and
  • Host Fingerprint: 00:49:35:b0:2a:fd:e6:b2:83:05:6f:5e:36:2e:0d:b0

Folder Structure:

  • Inbox (Drop files that you want Viewpost to process in this location)
  • Outbox (Retrieve acknowledgement files from Viewpost in this location)
  • Test (Test out connectivity with our servers, files dropped in this folder will NOT be processed by Viewpost)

Automate Payments through our API

Another way to automate sending files to Viewpost is to use our secure API endpoint.  This is how it works:

  • Viewpost will generate an API token and provide it securely to you.
  • Use the API token in the authorization header (note that we prefix it with APIKey, paste it exactly how it was provided to you).
  • Initiate a call by issuing a POST against with the csv or xml in the body of the request.
  • In the initial response from Viewpost a URL to poll will be included in the location header, you will poll the URL with a GET.
    • If a status of 200 is returned this means the file is still being processed.
    • If a status of 201 is returned you will get a new URL in the location header.
      • Finally if you perform a GET on this URL the response body will include the acknowledgement with the results of the file that was processed by Viewpost.


Step 4:     Establish a process to review results returned by Viewpost.

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