QuickBooks Desktop Auto Sync Error Messages

After the completion of QuickBooks Desktop Auto Sync, there is a results screen showing successful records and failed records.  Clicking on the number of transactions that were successful or failed will launch a csv file with the records listed.  The failed records and erors can be viewed on the Sync Results screen by clicking on "Show Failed Records" or by clicking on the number under "Records That Need Action".  These error messages are provided to assist you in correcting the failed transaction so that they can be synced with the next auto sync session.

1.  Vendor or Customer is Unlinked.  Access Restore Links to correct.  The transaction includes a customer or vendor that has not been linked between Viewpost and QuickBooks.  The steps to correct this problem:

  • Identify which customer or vendor is not linked from the sync failure file.
  • Click on your Company name in the QuickBooks Desktop Sync Agent.
  • Select "Restore Links"
  • Select "Add or Link Vendors" or "Add or Link Customers".
  • Locate the vendor in the error message and link or add it.
  • Click "Next" Twice and then "Home".
  • The records corrected should sync with the next auto sync session.

2.  At least one item in Remittance list is invalid.  Please review Remittance.  This error occurs when the bill associated with a payment or invoice associated with a customer payment receipt contains remittance amounts that do not agree between your QuickBooks file and Viewpost.  The error will also include the Document number to help you identify the bill or invoice. You should compare the transaction balances in Viewpost and QuickBooks for discrepancies and fix, if appropriate.  If you are unable to fix the underlying transactions for the failed record, then you will need to record the transaction manually in QuickBooks or Viewpost, depending on which way the transaction was syncing.

This remittance line over-applies a bill - This message indicates that the bill balance in Viewpost is less than the non-Viewpost payment recorded in QuickBooks against the bill in QuickBooks.  This transaction cannot be synced until the non-Viewpost payment being synced is equal to or less than the Bill balance on Viewpost.


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