Returned Payment

A payment looks sent or received on Viewpost, but your bank notified you the payment was returned. 

A payment can be successfully submitted on Viewpost and then returned by either bank during processing. 

The emails and status on the application are not retracted, as the bank does not contact Viewpost for most returns. 

Banks have authority to screen all payments processed to and from their account holders.

Why was it returned?

Below are common reasons payments can be returned. Your bank may have other reasons not listed below. 

  • Check Number is out of sequence with your current check numbers. (Viewpost Check Numbers start with 100000. This number may be changed under 'Payment Methods'. Select 'Edit' account. 
  • Payor's signature doesn't match signature card on file at the bank
  • One of the accounts (sender or receiver) has been changed, or closed
  • The routing number has changed or updated based on bank practices
  • Insufficient Funds

What do I do? 

  • Ask your bank the reason for the return.
  • Take proper course of action to remedy the reason
    • Viewpost can help you update the Check Number, or Signature.
  • Once all issues have been completely resolved, simply log in to Viewpost:
    • Void the payment
    • Resubmit
  • *Viewpost does not retry payments automatically when account information is updated.You must manually resend.
  • *Viewpost does not reimburse any fees associated with payment returns. 
  • *Viewpost does not get involved with disputes. Please contact your customer, and begin processing with your bank to retrieve funds. 


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