Direct Deposit, Wires, Transfer Funds

Viewpost Payments ARE Viewpost Payments ARE NOT
Electronic (ACH) Direct Deposits
ICL (Image Cash Letter) Wires
Paper Payroll
Credit Cards  Debits out of other people's accounts
Virtual Credit Cards Transferring funds between two of your accounts like online banking
Secure processing between most domestic checking accounts A button on your website for quick pay. Storing inventory, linking to shopping carts. 

What Viewpost Payments Are: The safe and secure way to send and receive payments. Viewpost sends payments 5 ways: Paper, ACH, ICL, Credit Cards, Virtual Credit Cards. These payments can be for an invoice, or not. When you submit a payment via Viewpost, it may not always ask you which method you want. 

What Viewpost Payments Aren't: Viewpost is not a platform for direct deposits, wires, payroll, debits, or transferring funds between your bank accounts. Funds do not arrive instantaneously, and do not have guaranteed delivery timeline

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